Oil Cleanliness Booklet

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The hydraulic fluid (usually mineral oil) is the central component of any hydraulic system.

If a system fails, the cause is usually excessive contamination of the hydraulic fluid.

This convenient booklet explains the basic principles for controlling and ensuring cleanliness of hydraulic fluids and serves as a reference and comparison text for this important area of hydraulics.


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Need for hydraulic filtration;
Types, origins, and examples of contamination;
Fitting tolerance for hydraulic components;
Damage caused by contaminated hydraulic fluid;
Classic analysis of hydraulic fluid;
Mobile particle counter MPC 4614;
Filtration grade – particle sizes;
Recommended cleanliness of hydraulic fluids;
Achievable cleanliness in accordance with ISO 4406;
Oil cleanliness codes in accordance with ISO 4406;
Overview of key filter properties;
Fluid and product service.