Hydraulics Trainer. Proportional and Servo Valve Technology - Volume 2

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  • ISBN: 978-3-9814879-4-7 (DE); 978-3-9816219-3-8 (EN)
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This book contains a functional description of hydraulic and electronic components for proportional and servo valve technology, with their interaction described using real application examples.

A comprehensive chapter is dedicated to the calculation and control of proportional valve technology. Using clear illustrations of existing systems, this book provides comprehensive and practical information on using proportional valve technology from the control system to the control loop.


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Proportional valves and system technology,
Load compensation using pressure scale,
Control electronics for proportional valves,
0Criteria for designing a control with proportional valves,
Getting started with servo valve technology,
From the control to the control loop,
0Servo valves and device technology,
0Filtration for hydraulic systems with servo and proportional valves,
Examples of existing systems with servo and proportional valves