Hydraulics in mobile equipment

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This book presents hydraulic components for vehicle hydraulics and explains the basic principles of mobile hydraulic circuit technology.

Key topics are the applications for agricultural tractors and forklifts. Additionally, an overview of applications with CAN-BUS is given.

The book provides clear, basic knowledge about the functions of the components used and their combination in systems to readers from the areas of manufacturing, service, and development.

The book is methodically divided into sections about individual components, circuit technology, and applications. It supports both training and self-study in the area of mobile hydraulics.

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Introduction to hydraulics;
Pumps and hydraulic motors in general;
Gear pumps and gear motors;
Electrohydraulic pumps;
Compact assemblies;
Check valves;
Pressure valves;
Flow control valves;
Directional valves;
Directional valves;
Mobile directional control valve blocks;
Electrohydraulic hitch control for tractors (EHR);
Hydrostatic fan drives in vehicles;
CAN-BUS in mobile hydraulics;