Handbook linear motion technology

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  • ISBN: 978-3-9816398-5-8 (DE); 978-3-9816398-6-5 (EN)
  • Format / Liczba stron: A4 / 340
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The “Handbook Linear motion technology” contains basic knowledge as well as hints and advice for linear motion technology and its application.

The publication is aimed at design engineers, developers, and professional buyers, as well as students and lecturers at technical colleges or universities.

The first section of the handbook gives readers insights into the fundamental physical principles involved in linear motion technology. Subsequent chapters describe the structural design and technical characteristics of linear bushings and shafts, profiled rail systems, ball screw assemblies, and Bosch Rexroth AG’s ready-to-install linear motion systems. Guide and drive elements are also an essential part of this handbook.


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Basic principles;
Profiled rail systems;
Linear bushings and shafts;
Ball screw assemblies;
Linear motion systems.