The hydraulic trainer. Logic Element Technology – Volume 4

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In this book, the reader learns what to be aware of when planning, configuring, and implementing hydraulic systems that use two-port slip-in cartridge valve technology.

Numerous selection tables, diagrams, and figures illustrate the wide variety of functions in which these valves can be used.

The design of a control with two-port slip-in cartridge valves as well as examples of existing controls are each dedicated to a separate chapter.

Not at least because of these two chapters in particular this reference text is an excellent working aid for the user and those in training and further education when dealing with this technology.


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Getting started with the two-port slip-in cartridge valve (“logic element”) technology;
Directional functions (versions and usage notes);
Pressure and flow control functions;
Design of a control with two-port slip-in cartridge valves;
Examples of existing controls with two-port slip-in cartridge valves.