Hydraulics Trainer. Planning and Design of Hydraulic Power Systems – Volume 3

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  • ISBN: 978-3-9814879-5-4 (DE); 978-3-9816219-4-5 (EN)
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This book addresses the interaction of components in hydraulic systems.

The authors explain what needs to be observed when planning, configuring, constructing, and implementing hydraulic systems. Numerous selection guides, diagrams, and figures clarify the functional correlations and mutual dependencies; these are useful working aids for daily practice as well as in training and further education.

Practical calculated examples and a list of important standards round off each chapter.


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Planning hydraulic power systems;
Hydraulic fluids;
Heat balance in hydraulic systems;
Hydraulic accumulators;
Safety regulations and arrangement of hydraulic accumulators;
Steel structure design for hydraulic power units;
Measures for noise reduction;
Calculation and dimensioning of tubing in hydraulic systems;
Interior preservation of hydraulic devices and hydraulic power units;
Corrosion protection on external surfaces using coating substances;
Packaging and transport;
Commissioning and maintenance of hydraulic systems.